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Speed of light c =3.00 × 108m/s

Gravitational constant G =6.67 × 1011N · m2kg2

Radius of Earth RE=6.38× 10m

Mass of Earth ME=5.98× 1024 Kg

Mass of Sun MS=1.99× 1030 Kg

Radius of Earth’s orbit RES=1.50× 1011 m

Acceleration due to gravity g =9.80m/s2

Fundamental charge e =1.60× 1019 C

Mass of electron me =9.11 × 1031kg

Mass of proton mp =1.673 × 1027kg

Mass of Neutron mn =1.675 × 1027kg

Planck’s constant h = 6.63 x 10-34 J·s

Coulomb’s constant 1/(4πε0) = 8.99×109 N·m2/C2

Magnetic constant μo=4π × 107N/A2

Speed of sound in air vs=340m/s

Boltzmann constant k=1.38 × 1023J/K

Absolute zero T=0 K,T=-273°C

Part A: Multiple Choice

1)A salvage ship tries to raise a sunken miniature submarine from the bottom of Lake Superior. The submarine and its contents have a mass of 72000kg and a volume of 18.9m3.What upward force must be applied to raise the submarine? The density of water is 1000kg/m3.

  1. 1.8 × 10N
  2. 2.0 × 10N
  3. 4.8 × 10N
  4. 5.2 × 10N

2)A little girl is playing with a toy pendulum while riding in an elevator. Being an astute and educated young lass, she notes that the period of the pendulum is T=0.5s. Suddenly the cables supporting the elevator break and all of the brakes and safety features fail simultaneously. The elevator plunges into free fall.The young girl is astonished to discover that the pendulum has

  1. continued oscillating with a period of 0.5s
  2. stopped oscillating entirely
  3. decreased ita rate of oscillation to have a greater period
  4. increased its rate of oscillation to have a lesser period

3)Two identical spring loaded, toy guns shoot projectiles straight upwards. The projectile in gun B has twice the mass as that in gun A. The projectile launched by gun A reaches a height H. Ignore air resistance, the projectile launched by gun B would reach a height of

  1. H/4
  2. H/2
  3. H/√2

4)An athlete of mass 75kg runs at 10m/s. What is his kinetic enegry?

  1. 3750J
  2. 7500J
  3. 375J
  4. 750J

5)The moon is about 60 earth radii from the centre of the earth and completed one orbit in about 28days. Assuming that the moon excutes a circular orbit about the centre of the earth, the acceleration of the moon(in units of g, the acceleration due to gravity at the earth’s surface) is closet to

  1. g/30
  2. g/60
  3. g/3600
  4. g





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