CIE IGCSE Biology: 复习笔记:21.1.1 Usefulness of Bacteria

CIE IGCSE Biology: 复习笔记:21.1.1 Usefulness of Bacteria

Use of Bacteria



  • Microorganisms can be used by humans to produce foods and other useful substances
  • The most common type of microorganisms used in biotechnology are bacteria
  • They are useful because they are capable of producing complex molecules (eg. certain bacteria added to milk produce enzymes that turn the milk into yoghurt)
  • They are also useful because they reproduce rapidly, meaning the amount of chemicals they can produce can also rapidly increase



Usefulness of Bacteria: Extended

  • In addition to the benefits of rapid reproduction and ability to make complex molecules, bacteria have other benefits in biotechnology
    • There are few ethical considerations to growing them in large numbers in the laboratory
    • They possess plasmids
      • Plasmids are small, circular loops of DNA which can be an ideal way of transferring DNA from one cell to another during genetic manipulation