Edexcel A (SNAB) A Level Biology:复习笔记4.2.7 Practical: Determining the Tensile Strength of Plant Fibres

Practical: Determinig the Tensile Strength of Plant Fibres

  • The tensile strength of a fibre refers to the maximum load it can carry before breaking
    • For example, this information would be important when determining the strength of a rope made of plant fibres


  • Plant fibres
  • Retort stand (clamp stand)
  • Clamp
  • Weights


  • The fibre should be attached to a clamp stand
  • Attach a weight on the other end of the plant fibre
  • Carefully continue to add one weight at a time until the fibre breaks
  • Record the mass at which the fibre broke
  • This represents the tensile strength
  • To increase the accuracy of your results, this process should be repeated with more samples of the same plant fibre
    • These values can be used to calculate the mean tensile strength for the fibre
    • It is important to ensure that the fibres are all of the same length and that all other variables are kept constant

Apparatus used to determine the tensile strength of plant fibres