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Investopedia refers to the Federal Reserve as "the central bank of the United States. Often simply called the Fed, it is arguably the most powerful financial institution in the world. It was founded to provide the country with a safe, flexible, and stable monetary and financial system".  In any economy, the central bank is the institution responsible for the regulation of money (currency) and credit (loans and other types of finance) in the economy. This is also referred to as managing the country's 'monetary policy'. For example, the Federal Reserve conducts monetary policy i.e. increases or decreases interest rates or money supply in the economy to meet the objectives given to it by the United States Congress.

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The Fed was established by an Act of Congress in 1913 in response to a number of financial panics and economic shocks that had rattled the American economy. While its immediate purpose was to stabilize the American economy through efficient regulation and conduct of monetary policy, its role has since expanded in tandem with the size and complexity of the US and the global economy. It's mandate, as described on the Federal Reserve website includes,

It is the Federal Reserve's actions, as a central bank, to achieve the "dual mandate" goals specified by Congress: maximum employment and stable prices [inflation] in the United States. The Federal Reserve conducts monetary policy by using a variety of tools to manage financial conditions that encourage progress toward its dual mandate objectives.1

Even though the Fed is nominally part of the United States Federal Government, it is an 'independent central bank', i.e it can take decisions independent of the President or the Congress as a truly neutral and bipartisan institution.

Possible Pro Arguments 正方观点梳理

The Pro side can argue that the Federal Reserve ensured economic stability in the United States. They can refer to Fed's track record in ensuring a low and stable inflation rate in the United States barring a few times of high inflation caused by external factors. The Pro can extend the impacts on inflation and economic stability and claim that delivering economic growth is a terminal impact that's linked to social impacts like poverty reduction, global economic stability and employment growth. The Pro can also take a globalist perspective and argue that the Fed provides economic stability to the global economy and not just the United States because of the US Dollar's key role as an 'international reserve currency'.

Possible Con Arguments 反方观点梳理

The Con can argue that the Fed has historically been a source of economic instability and not the other way around. The Con could argue that the Fed is nominally independent but heavily influenced by politics which has led it to take actions that have threatened the long-term stability of the US economy. The Con can argue that the Fed has routinely been unsuccessful in meeting their inflation target. The Con can also argue that the Fed's obsession with inflation has harmed the poor and marginalized communities the most in the United States. The Con can also argue that the US government through the Federal Reserve has used the US Dollar as a tool to extend their global hegemony.

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欧美教育界普遍认为,辩论是一项极具竞争力且含金量很高的课外活动。耶鲁大学政治经济学教授兼招生官Minh Luong就曾说过:“没有什么活动比全身心地投入到辩论中更能锻炼一个人的学术、专业和生活技能了。”美国前教育部长Arne Duncan同样对辩论活动大为推崇,认为它是“学⽣获得平等教育的最佳⽅式之⼀”。而近年来的统计数据也表明,拥有出色的辩论成绩,堪称是学生通往世界一流大学的敲门砖。