Edexcel A Level Chemistry:复习笔记3.3.1 Describing Alkenes

Describing Alkenes


  • All alkenes contain a double carbon bond, which is shown as two lines between two of the carbon atoms i.e. C=C
  • All alkenes contain a double carbon bond, which is the functional group and is what allows alkenes to react in ways that alkanes cannot
  • Alkenes have the general molecular formula CnH2n
  • They are said to be unsaturated hydrocarbons
    • They contain carbon-carbon double bonds
    • They are made up of hydrogen and carbon atoms only
  • Alkenes are named using the nomenclature rule alk + ene
  • In molecules with a straight chain of 4 or more carbon atoms, the position of the C=C double bond must be specified
  • The carbon atoms on the straight chain must be numbered, starting with the end closest to the double bond
  • The lowest-numbered carbon atom participating in the double bond is indicated just before the -ene:

The First Five Members of the Alkene Family