senior physics challenge是什么意思?senior physics challenge含金量如何?

BPhO是含金量最高的高中物理国际竞赛之一,Round 1是大家比较常参加用来增加大学申请优势的,但是Round 1含金量高,难度也偏高,建议提早参加Senior Physics Challenge (Year 12)来适应。

Senior Physics Challenge竞赛形式


物理挑战赛(Senior Physics Challenge):建议高二(11年级或等同年级)学生参加.

There are now two competitions at this level. The SPC Online Competition takes place in the last week of January. It consists of two half-hour sets of multiple choice questions which are largely about physics ideas, but also encouraging some wider reading and interest in the subject. It is an opportunity for students to take part in a national physics competition and to develop their confidence in the subject. The second competition is the SPC (on paper), which is our traditional problem based set of questions. This is not merely for the very top students, but for all those who like to engage in problem solving questions and developing those skills. The best preparation is through working through some past papers which available here on this website.

Senior Physics Challenge Online
Competition date: can be sat anytime during the week Monday 24th to Fri 28th Jan 2022 under teacher supervision.
Competition details

  • Length - 2 x 30 minutes (can be sat on different days if required)
  • Sat within your school supervised by the teacher
  • Marked online and results returned to schools
  • Login details are sent by email to a teacher’s school email address, not to a personal email addess.

Cost: £20 for a school entry of up to 500 students
Prizes: Certificates

BphO英国物理奥赛和英国物理挑战赛并没有达到奥林匹克竞赛难度,是书本知识上的延伸和拔高,并且考查学生对物理这门学科课外阅读的广度,目的在于挖掘学生的物理潜力。两个考试的难度和申请牛津、帝国理工物理工程系所需要的PAT,以及剑桥的自然科学、工程学面试前筛选考试难度、出题风格极其吻合。另一方面,GCSE&AS Physics Challenge的备考对于冬天的BPhO英国奥林匹克竞赛的是一个很好的铺垫。


BPhO round 1
②Senior physics challenge
2021年中国学生在英国划分的分数线中:Senior 年级获得金牌的学生比例为29.1%;银牌为31.3%;铜牌为32.6%。2021年超过 430 所学校派遣代表参与了该挑战。