CIE A Level Maths: Pure 3复习笔记5.1.8 Integration Decision Making

Decision Making

What is meant by integration and decision making?

  • The hardest part of integration is deciding which technique to use
  • There are lots of them!


How do I know which integration method to use?


  • The main two requirements for success with integration are
    • Experience
    • Familiarity
  • Always check for Reverse Chain Rule …
    • … particularly after changing part of an integral …
    • … by using a trig identity for example


Key to diagram above:

Exam Tip

  • If in doubt, try something … You may gain marks for attempting a suitable substitution.
  • You may gain marks from using a trig identity.
  • You may gain marks from attempting to simplify or rewrite a fraction.

Worked Example