CIE A Level Biology复习笔记1.2.3 The Vital Role of ATP

The Vital Role of ATP

  • All organisms require a constant supply of energy to maintain their cells and stay alive
  • This energy is required:
    • In anabolic reactions – building larger molecules from smaller molecules
    • To move substances across the cell membrane (active transport) or to move substances within the cell
    • In animals, energy is required:
      • For muscle contraction – to coordinate movement at the whole-organism level
      • In the conduction of nerve impulses, as well as many other cellular processes
  • In all known forms of life, ATP from respiration is used to transfer energy in all energy-requiring processes in cells
  • This is why ATP is known as the universal energy currency
  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is a nucleotide
    • The monomers of DNA and RNA are also nucleotides