AQA A Level Maths: Pure复习笔记11.1.3 Vector Addition

Vector Addition

Vector addition

  • Adding vectors together lets us describes the movement between two points
  • The single vector this creates is called the resultant vector
  • Subtracting a vector is the same as adding the negative vector
  • Adding the vectors PQ and QP gives the zero vector, denoted by a bold zero 0


  • You can add and subtract vectors in any of the forms previously described:


Scalars and parallel vectors

  • Multiplying by a positive scalar only changes the size of a vector, not its direction
  • Two vectors are parallel if and only if one is a scalar multiple of the other


Exam Tip

  • Think of vectors like a journey from one place to another – you may have to take a detour eg. A to B might be A to O then O to B.
  • Diagrams can help, so if there isn’t one, draw one. If there are any, labelling parallel vectors will help.

Worked Example