AQA A Level Maths: Pure复习笔记8.2.2 Integrating Other Functions (Trig, ln & e etc)

Integrating Other Functions (Trig, ln & e etc)

Isn’t integration just the reverse of differentiation?

  • Yes, but remember “+c”, the constant of integration …
    • … unless finding a definite integral
  • Recognising common results helps to make integration easier (See Differentiating Other Functions)


How do I integrate exponentials (ex)?


  • The gradient of ekx is kekx
    • ie y = ekx, dy/dx = kekx
  • The reverse applies when integrating
  • This is an example of reverse chain rule


Integrating sin and cos


  • Note the minus in the integral of sin x
  • The integral of tan x is ln|sec x| + c

Exam Tip

  • Make sure you have a copy of the formula booklet during revision but don't try to remember everything in the formula booklet.
  • However, do be familiar with the layout of the formula booklet – you’ll be able to locate quickly whatever you are after, and you do not want to be searching every line of every page!
  • For formulae you think you have remembered, use the booklet to double-check.

Worked Example