AQA A Level Maths: Pure复习笔记4.6.1 Modelling with Sequences & Series

Modelling with Sequences & Series

What do I need to know about modelling with sequences and series?

  • Many real-life situations can be modelled using sequences and series
  • If a quantity is changing repeatedly by having a fixed amount added to or subtracted from it then the use of arithmetic sequences and arithmetic series is appropriate


  • If a quantity is changing repeatedly by a fixed percentage, or by being multiplied repeatedly by a fixed amount, then the use of geometric sequences and geometric series is appropriate
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Exam Tip

  • Remember, an exam question won't always tell you to use sequence and series methods, so you've got to be able to spot 'hidden' sequence and series questions.
  • To help you do this, be suspicious of questions about savings accounts, salaries, sales commissions, profits and the like – these are often sequence and series questions in disguise!

Worked Example