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 tighten one’s belt

a good / safe bet

you bet

fit / fill the bill


kill two birds with one stone

bite sb’s head off

a black patch

be in a black mood

black and blue



36.     tighten one’s belt

To cut down on spending, and go without certain things, because there is less income than before.

  •   Now you’re out of work, you’ll have to tighten your belt and give up buying new clothes and going out so often.
  •   The cost of living has increased so much that we need to tighten our belts and do without a car.

37.     a good/safe bet

When you are sure-or have been advised-that st is very likely to succeed

  • Civil engineering is a safe bet the moment-you’re sure to find a good job when you graduate.
  • It’s a good bet to buy a house when prices are low, so that you can sell at a profit in the future.


38.     you bet

A comment made by sb to indicate agreement with sb else’s statement

  •   Every time I finished a sentence, he replied,“you bet!” to show his assent.
  •   You bet I’ll be there on time-I never miss the start of a ball-game!


39.     fit / fill the bill

Sb/st that is needed in a situation

  •   The Rev. Jones will fit the bill to open the debate, as he is an experienced speaker.
  •   I’ve been looking for a place to hold the fete, and your large garden fills the bill perfectly.



40.     bingo

Said when st has been accomplished orsolved

  • Bingo! I’ve just find the right person for the job.
  • I’m sure this is the right key to the cashbox-bingo! It’s open.


41.     kill two birds with one stone

To complete two tasks together, with less effort than doing them separately.

  •   Since I’d gone to the store to buy some bread, I thought of killing two birds with one stone and invited Mr Biggs to the party.
  •   She killed two birds with one stone by renewing her driver’s license when she went to the agency for her medical certificate.


42.     bite sb’s head off

To severely reprimand sb 

  •   My mother would always bite my head off when she heard me swearing.
  •   When Megan showed up late for work three days in a row, her boss bit her head off.


43.     a black patch

A time in sb’s life when everything is going wrong.

  •   My mother is certainly going through a black patch-she broke her leg, her budgie died and the cook ran away with the silver!
  •   The ice hockey team is really experiencing a black patch this season-they’ve lost every match so far.


44.     be in a black mood

To be so negative about everything that it is impossible for anyone to reason with him/her.

  •   My father has been in a black mood for days-we dare not say anything to him.
  •   Johnny locked himself in the bedroom because he’s in such a black mood.


45.     black and blue

A part of the body that is bruised.

    •   The ball hit him in the eye-it’s swollen and all black and blue.
    •   The boxer socked his opponent black and blue.






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