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3月16号,中欧国际工商学院EMBA校友团访问广东以色列理工学院(GTIIT)。GTIIT校长李剑阁、研究生办公室主任许海云教授、环境工程系主任Ori Lahav教授,人文学教授 Avital Binah-Pollak等与访问团一行围绕以色列科技创新、高科技风险投资,及中以文化差异和跨文化管理等方面进行了深入探讨。



March 16, 2018 - Israel, a tiny nation of approximately 8 million, is a global leader in technological innovation, sprouting thousands of high potential start-up companies yearly. Such phenomena, often term Israel as a “start-up nation”, has certainly piqued the interest of many.

It is for this reason that the research, innovation, and graduate studies office (RIGS) at GTIIT have attracted a small delegation from the CEIBS (China Europe International Business) EMBA alumnus to visit and learn directly from the sources of innovation itself – the researchers and the role of university in building an entrepreneurship ecosystem.

GTIIT president, Mr. Li Jian'ge; Assistant to PVC and Director of Research, Innovation, and Graduate Studies office, Prof. Haiyun Xu; together with head of environmental engineering program, Prof. Ori Lahav; and visiting lecturer from Technion School of Humanities and Arts, Dr. Avital Binah-Pollak welcomed the delegation.


The CEIBS EMBA delegates received presentations in the newly opened Visitor and Innovation Center (VIC) on how university research translates into commercialization, as well as topics on Israeli culture, and its implications for Sino-Israeli businesses. Following the presentation, A Q&A session was held where delegates exchanged thought and ideas with GTIIT professors.

Commenting on the delegation's visit, head of environmental engineering program, Prof. Ori Lahav said: “collaboration is a central part of GTIIT's innovation ecosystem. We firmly believe that industry and academia have much to offer each other. We are committed to establishing a thriving environment for sharing knowledge, exchanging insights and building partnerships to accelerate innovation.”

Speaking on behalf of CEIBS EMBA alumnus delegation, Ms. Wang Hui, a partner at King & Wood Mallesons, remarked: “we are very impressed with the work at GTIIT, getting to know more about Israeli research and innovation prompted us to visit Israel with more excitement.”

About the Research, Innovation, and Graduate Studies office (RIGS):

RIGS was established in July, 2017 under the leadership of Prof. Eliezer Shalev, PVC for Academic Affairs at GTIIT. It is committed to advance the research and innovation at GTIIT by identify and disseminate funding opportunities, manage and support internal research funding programs, ensure ethical and regulatory compliance; admission and administration of graduate students; and facilitate to establish strategic partnerships with industry and promote innovation, entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer.

About the Visitor and Innovation Center (VIC):

A hub for creative ideas, the VIC is designed for visitors to experience an immersive, interactive and educational experience that offers real-time demonstration of GTIIT research and innovation. It provides an exclusive space for visiting guests to relax, meet friends and colleagues and catch up with the latest developments at the GTIIT. The multi-purpose amphitheater on the second floor can accommodate up to 50 guests for variety of events.


文/图:GTIIT 研究创新和研究生办公室

Text/Photos: GTIIT Research, Innovation & Graduate Studies