Pi Alumni Globetrotters (XI) Daniel Wu

Daniel Wu

Current Undergraduate, University of  British Columbia, Canada

Where are you currently studying now and what's your major?


I am currently studying in UBC (University of British Columbia) in Canada and my major is Economics.


How did you learn about Pinnacle?


When I was in Yew Chung International School (Puxi), I learned about Pinnacle through friends and peers who were at the time taking lessons from there. Hence, I visited the premise and took the diagnostic test.


Mr Ong was my home tutor when hewas still teaching in Yew Chung before he set up Pinnacle. Hence, I was very happy to link up with him again at Pinnacle and I joined his maths class soon after.


How long were you with Pinnacle?


I was with Pinnacle for 1 year, through Year 11 (Grade 10) which was my second year of IGCSE. I joined both the ongoing and the pre-examination preparation class.


Why did you choose Pinnacle and chose to continue with Pinnacle for your enrichment needs?


I chose to join Pinnacle to improve my grades in Mathematics and Chemistry, as I was not satisfied with my finals results from the first year of IGCSE, I was eager to work on and improve my grades.


I chose Pinnacle specifically because of its widespread good reputation, as I heard it was extremely helpful from all of my friends who had attended classes in various subjects there.

How did you do for your IGCSE and IB examinations and how did Pinnacle play a part in your studies?


I was definitely very satisfied with both my IGCSE and IB results. Pinnacle helped me achieve an A* in IGCSE Mathematics and Science, this has allowed me to gain a lot of confidence and skills which helped me in tackling the IB examinations.


What are your opinions about the teachers who taught you at Pinnacle?


Throughout my Pinnacle experience, most of my courses were Mathematics ones, and I was taught by Mr.Ong.


Mr. Ong taught clearly and thoroughly, and was very patient and understanding when we had questions. He not only taught us Mathematics, but was always available to give us academic guidance in other subjects.


Ms Sharon taught me Chemistry and through her lessons, I managed to gain a lot of confidence from the abstract materials taught.


The teachers who taught me in Pinnacle helped build a strong academic foundation for me that allowed me to succeed in IGCSE and the IB.


Will you recommend others to join Pinnacle and why?


I would recommend any students who are currently struggling, or wish to improve their current academic standings to join Pinnacle.


I would also recommend Pinnacle to any students who would like to excel in their current school work because Pinnacle teaches materials that stretches the boundaries of the syllabi requirements. 


Pinnacle definitely helped me reach my goal of improving my grades, and the experience in doing so was a great one as I was lucky enough to have lessons with several of my peers who had the same goals in mind.

How has Pinnacle impacted your life and study habits?


Pinnacle has helped me set good studying and academic-oriented habits, which made my studying in IB, especially Mathematics, to be more efficient and effective. By improving my work and practice habits, it lifted the standard of my academics and my attitude towards lifelong learning.


What are your aspirations afterthe undergraduate studies?


I hope to continue on my academic journey with postgraduate studies after my economics degree.

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