Edexcel IGCSE Biology 复习笔记 2.9.3 The Urinary System

Edexcel IGCSE Biology 复习笔记 2.9.3 The Urinary System

The Urinary System: Structure


  • Two key functions of the urinary system are:
    • To filter waste products from the blood and expel it from the body as urine
    • To control the water levels of the body (osmoregulation)


  • The urinary system consists of two kidneys (found at the back of the abdomen) joined to the bladder by two tubes called the ureters
  • Another tube, the urethra, carries urine from the bladder to outside the body
  • Each kidney is also connected to:
    • The renal artery which comes from the aorta and delivers oxygenated blood to the kidney
    • The renal vein which delivers the deoxygenated blood from the kidney to the vena cava







The urinary system in humans




Main Structures of the Urinary System Table



Exam Tip

Note the difference between the ‘ureter’ and the ‘urethra’. These two names are commonly confused by students so take care to learn them and know which tube is which – they are NOT interchangeable!