2016 AMC8 答案

    1. It is best to split 11 hours and 5 minutes into 2 parts, one of 11 hours and another of 5 minutes. We know that there is 302e99c1c7cd91a6ae371139e5142ccef5977dca minutes in a hour. Therefore, there are 47fb849962831e8a6ada483349d758e2f83a67f4 minutes in 11 hours. Adding the second part(the 5 minutes) we get c9d297ad8a061d7f2cd874b7e5335208d35b8fb4.

    2. b5d7e3f5ecfd57e90e56a341f52fc4b9b93b2457

      Solution 1

      Use the triangle area formula for triangles: ab944de4e88766015eb4db6c72afe006960ee666 where 019e9892786e493964e145e7c5cf7b700314e53b is the area, 8136a7ef6a03334a7246df9097e5bcc31ba33fd2 is the base, and 8189a5b5a0917b8c93350827be4038af1839139d is the height. This equation gives us 34504f7bc600711dd50124dd81c691fc5dc57252.

      Solution 2

      A triangle with the same height and base as a rectangle is half of the rectangle's area. This means that a triangle with half of the base of the rectangle and also the same height means its area is one quarter of the rectangle's area. Therefore, we get bf3e4cc12eee59c8cf44343200f7767d04d43577.

    3. We can call the remaining score b55ca7a0aa88ab7d58f4fc035317fdac39b17861. We also know that the average, 70, is equal to 033d1e208892c0f6d1e1075a8bdeaa16ec99fc22. We can use basic algebra to solve for b55ca7a0aa88ab7d58f4fc035317fdac39b17861:f6415bdf4f17abab730096d189e087248be16df0872a61211590971bc10753d0b06a09429d6b659fd9c40d53447be6e76479604c4397300d6f031ba6caa81b049ae1aead94bf9e9360c38d1c9da0f084giving us the answer of 53e3153168cac92604c90460e04877a9de63f052.

    4.  When Cheenu was a boy, he could run f1965fae079a9ba2c0726c307070c2355dfcb213 miles in 7cde695f2e4542fd01f860a89189f47a27143b66 hours and 651ba418a810d971dbc8a326d49a71fe1541fae0 minutes 177d1c633a77a17561c9c9391735a3eaa5ee8c56 minutes 977b9a3af737dce25926aef70232b4cabab13b27 minutes, thus running 1c47d7d74705c463437b199e383260161c4c8b3b minutes per mile. When he is an old man, he can walk fc606f7f1e530731ab4f1cc364c01dc64a4455ee miles in c7cab1a05e1e0c1d51a6a219d96577a16b7abf9d hours 0b222e9c9384a2be9c42ec68e643eb549c377d8c minutes 8e4902aab3f3b2cecf7866b60db351fe89509660 minutes, thus walking 178b08418d436a133d896ccd450eb97c30c2c479 minutes per mile. Therefore it takes him 22e718d67af3d365942b25dcef3ffe8d2a48ad9f minutes longer to walk a mile now compared to when he was a boy.
    5. Solution 1

      For the first three digits, there are 958bd6920c42461e10bd91e2f9349d5434922cfe combinations since 1c47f6ddd15892765cadbd57a76cc0a7638145cb is not allowed. For the final digit, any of the fc606f7f1e530731ab4f1cc364c01dc64a4455ee numbers are allowed. 045bac197e4e7c9d637e619dd6258865d4645179