Grade 2 Planetary Gallery | 二年级探究性课程之“小小星球展览会”又来啦~

Grade 2 Planetary Gallery二年级 小小星球展览会

Grade 2 students wrapped up their Unit Of Inquiry “Where we are in space & time” today with their planetary gallery display. Grade 2 students used the knowledge they have gained throughout their UOI to make their own planet & present it to the rest of the school in our B2 Art Gallery.近日,学校为二年级学生举办了一场“小小星球展览会”来展示他们在本学期探究性课程“我们身处的时空和时间”的学习成果。每位二年级学生都用他们在这个单元学到的知识设计制作了自己的星球,并陈列在学校美术馆供大家参观欣赏。

Grade 2 Students had to take their planet's geographical make-up, atmosphere, distance from the sun, density, gravity, among many other factors to determine whether not their planet would be inhabitable by humans; if it was not, they would have to decide what kind of creatures could possibly make their planet a home.每位二年级学生需要为自己的星球设计出地形、大气层、与太阳的直线距离、密度、重力等一系列参数,然后来决定自己的星球是否适宜人类居住;如果不能,他们需要思考什么样的生物能生存在他们的星球上。

Planets ranged from hospitable planets within a star's habitable zone, to candy planets made of ice cream & other goodies.


Grade 2 students showed a stunning amount of creativity & critical-thinking with their displays. Materials used to make planets included straws, cardboard, a basketball, paint, glitter, & even a camera obscura. We are always so impressed with the different approaches that our students take with this project; it has quickly become a crowd favorite.学生在设计时展现了惊人的创造力与思维能力:建造星球的材料有纸板箱、吸管、篮球、涂料、发光贴纸,甚至还有相机。学生们千奇百怪的作品令人印象深刻,这次的星球展也深受全校师生的喜爱。

The planetary gallery works as a wonderful culminating project because it pushes students to draw from every subject taught in the classroom in order to make a coherent argument for how & why their planet would work. Using math, science, & language arts they convey their ideas about their creation & share it with other students across all grades. This integrative approach to learning is a crucial part of the IB curriculum, it maximizes learning & develops a sense of personal responsibility in a student's research skills.小小星球展览会是一次了不起的学生展示,它让学生用各学科所学来完成一个综合的作品——一颗属于自己的星球。学生们设计星球时的想法融入了数学、科学、语言以及美术等知识,通过作品,孩子们也能与其他同学们一起分享他们的设计构思。


Congratulations to our grade 2 students & staff on a very well done planetary gallery. It was an exemplary sample of the quality of instruction & learning at HQIS.祝贺我们二年级师生在这次“小小星球展”中的精彩表现。这次活动也将成为HQIS探究型教学的典范。