青年影响力传播行动(Youth Impact Communication Initiative, 简称YIC)是由美国新闻传媒教育协会(JEA)举办,每年有超过20万学生参加JEA的活动,其竞赛证书受到各所大学的认可。





研究课题:《School Bullying In Chinese High Schools:No Bully Creates Harmony And Stand Out》
论文节选The “No School Bullying” speech that we had gone on well because almost every student who was listening to our speech learned more about school bullying such as how to deal with bullying when it happened or some forms of bullying that people rarely noticed. Also, we told them that we set two boxes on the first floor of our international apartment. One carton is for letters from the Victims of school bullying (whether to be anonymity or not is up to the writer) and the other one is for possible solutions. Therefore, we could help more victims in the long run.


We have also said in every class that if someone wants to say something about their own school bullying experience, they are welcoming to come to the psychological counseling room at noon to seek help or just have a talk. Plus, those students who are not willing to talk about their problems face to face can ask us anonymous questions on a website where we can answer them and offer them some appropriate advice immediately.



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