2022 John Locke写作竞赛七大主题开题!

从2月初就开始盼,这个中学生“殿堂级”的论文竞赛——John Locke写作竞赛终于放题啦!


提交截止时间: 2022年6月30日

约翰洛克写作竞赛由普林斯顿、牛津大学联合参办,以17世纪英国著名哲学家、古典自由主义鼻祖John Locke命名,是人文社科含金量最高的国际征文比赛之一。 它由Top 10院校专家轮流坐镇评委,牛津大学资深教授亲自评奖。设有哲学、政治学、经济学、历史学、心理学、神学和法学7个学科,每个学科设置不同的问题,考核学生的独立思考能力、逻辑推理能力和批判性思维。



Q1. How likely is the multiverse? Would it change anything if (somehow) we came to know the theory was true?

Q2. If our actions are a consequence of our capacities and preferences, and if those things are, in turn, a result of our genetic inheritance and the external world in which we happen to find ourselves, are we ultimately responsible for our choices?

Q3. Is it moral to take money from people through the force of law in order to pay philosophers to philosophize?

Q4. When, if ever, can acts involving only consenting adults be morally wrong?


Q1. Should we allow political donations?

Q2. What, if anything, do rich nations owe poor nations?

Q3. Is there such a thing as a common good?

Q4. Is the good citizen always a good person? Is the good person always a good citizen?


Q1. Is Bitcoin a blessing or a curse?

Q2. What’s wrong with the housing market? How can we fix it?

Q3. Should Amazon pay people more? What would happen if they immediately increased every worker’s salary by twenty percent?

Q4.  Is Henry George’s land value tax fair, efficient, both, or neither?


Q1. Was there anything good about the British empire?

Q2. Is China an imperial power?

Q3. Is Western civilization in decline?

Q4. Do leaders make events or do events make leaders?


Q1. Are we getting nastier?

Q2. Are men and women psychologically different? Does it matter?

Q3. Is there any mental illness that isn’t ultimately physical?

Q4. Does it even make sense to hate someone for his or her opinions?


Q1. Why would God be so coy?

Q2. “The God of the Bible and the Koran is a primitive human’s idea of a great being… But that is not what an actual supreme being would be like.” Is there a holy book that manifests divine authorship?

Q3. “And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.” Can one be a Christian without believing in the miraculous resurrection of Jesus?

Q4. Is faith anything other than uncertain belief on incomplete evidence?


Q1. Does prison work?

Q2. “People who serve on juries are ill-informed, prejudiced, and not clever enough to avoid jury service.” Should we abolish Trial by Jury?

Q3. Should “hate crimes” be punished more severely than the same crime with different motives?

Q4. What is the relationship between justice and law?