【福利】AP-SAT2美国史教材American Pageant各章节自测题

【American Pageant】是目前市面上最受欢迎的准备AP/SAT2美国历史的教材之一,不过遗憾的是,这本书叙述痕迹过重,各章节缺乏提纲挈领式的问题以便复习迎考的同学们预习和复习。有鉴于此,笔者特将几年前阅读这本书时自己草拟的各主要章节(基本涵盖了12-42章,以后有笔者有机会开拓IBDP历史高等级美洲史课程时,会把所有章节补齐)配套问题发于本文,希望能对拉高中国学生AP/SAT2美国历史的平均分做出点微小贡献,也适用于对没有应试任务、但对美国历史感兴趣而自学该教材的学生或成人。


12 The Second War for Independence and the Upsurge ofNationalism

(1)   On to Canada over Land andLakes

How did the US militia and navy behave in the war?

(2)   Washington Burned and NewOrleans Defended

What were the reasons of the victory in the New Orleans?

(3)   The Treaty of Ghent

How was the negotiation of the Treaty of Ghent begunand agreed?

(4)   Federalist Grievances andthe Hartford Convention

What were the significances of the HartfordConvention?

(5)   The Second War forAmerican Independence

To what extent was the War of 1812 another War ofIndependence?

(6)   Nascent Nationalism

In what ways did the War of 1812 stimulate theAmerican nationalism?

(7)   “The American System”

What were the aspects of the American System and whythey are raised?

(8)   The So-Called Era of GoodFeelings

To what extent were the post-1812 War years The Era ofGood Feelings?

(9)   The Panic of 1819 and theCurse of Hard Times

How did the Panic of 1819 began and evolve?

(10)Slavery and the SectionalBalance

What was the problem of slavery in Missouri?

(11)The Uneasy MissouriCompromise

What were the reasons for satisfaction anddissatisfaction to the Missouri Compromise from the North and the South?

(12)John Marshall and JudicialNationalism

What was Marshall’s judicial nationalism?

(13)Judicial Dikes AgainstDemocratic Excesses

What were the characters of Daniel Webster?

(14)Sharing Oregon andAcquiring Florida

How and why did Florida at last become US territory?

(15)The Menace of Monarchy inAmerica



16. The South and Slavery Controversy

Why “Cottonis King” after 1793 in the American South?


17. Manifest Destiny and Its Legacy

(1) The Accession of “Tyler Too”

(2) John Tyler: A President without a Party

(3)   A war of Words withBritain:

Why some Americans still hate the British after 1814?

(4)   Manipulating the MaineMaps

How was the land dispute in Maine dissolved?

(5)   The Lone Star of TexasShines Alone

Why theEuropean states and Texas need each other?

(6)   The Belated Texas Nuptials

How wasTexas annexed into the US?

(7)   Oregon Fever PopulatesOregon

To what extentdid the Americans gain an advantage in Oregan?

(8)   A Mandate for ManifestDestiny

What wasManifest Destiny and how did it shape the election of 1844?

(9)   Polk the Purposeful

What was theChallenges Polk faced and how was the dispute of Oregon solved?

(10)Misunderstanding withMexico

What was themost important aim of the US to Mexico after Texas?

(11)American Blood on AmericanSoil

Why theMexican War broke out?

(12)The Mastering of Mexico

What werethe strengths and weakness of the US and Mexico?

(13)Fighting Mexico for Peace

What was thePeace Treaty and how was it signed?

(14)Profit and Loss in Mexico

What werethe significance and effects of the Mexican War?


18. Renewing the Sectional Struggle

(1) The Popular Sovereignty Panacea

What are thestrength and weakness of Popular Sovereignty?

(2) Political Triumphs for General Taylor

What were the aims of the free soilers and why Taylorwon the election in 1848?

(3) “Californy Gold”

What was thesituation during the Gold Rush in California and its effects?

(4) Sectional Balance and the Underground Railroad

What madethe South unsatisfied and feared?

(5) Twilight of the Senatorial Giants

How did Clay, Calhoun and Webster argue in Nashville,1849?

(6) Deadlock and Danger on Capitol Hill

What were Seward opinion towards slavery and Taylor’sopinion towards Texas?

(7) Breaking the Congressional Logjam

How did Unionist in the North and South to persuadepeople accepting Compromise of 1850 and what was the result?

(8) Balancing the Compromising Scales

To whatextent did the Compromise of 1850 benefit the North and the South equally andwhat would be it effects?

(9) Defeat and Doom for the Whigs

How was the Whigs doomed in the 1852 election?

(10) Expansionist Stirrings South of the Border

What werethe causes and end of the Ostend Manifesto?

(11) The Allureof Asia

What werethe US activities in China and Japan in the 1850s?

(12) Pacific Railroad Promoters and the GadsdenPurchase

What was theGadsden Purchase and why it provides the ideal place for a transcontinentalrailroad?

(13) Douglas’s Kansas-Nebraska Scheme

How didhistorians argue Douglas’s motive in raising the Kansas-Nebraska Bill and whatwould be the result?

(15)Congress legislate a CivilWar

How and whydid the Republican Party rise?


19. Drifting Toward Disunion

(1) Stowe and Helper: Literary Incendiaries

To whatextent was the Uncle Tom’s Cabin reliable in researching slavery?

(2) The North-South Contest for Kansas

How did thecrisis in Kansas begin?

(3) Kansas in Convulsion

How was thecrisis in Kansas solved?

(4) “Bully” Brooks and his Bludgeon

What werethe effects of bleeding Sumner to the North and the South?

(5) “Old Buck” Versus “The Pathfinder”


20 America Moves to the City

(1)   The Urban Frontier

What was the scale of the main US cities?



24. Industry Comes of Age

(1) The Iron Colt Becomes an Iron Horse

What was theargument behind the Transcontinental Railway?

(2) Spanning the Continent with Rails

What werethe similarities and differences between the Union Pacific and the CentralPacific?

(3) Binding the Country with Railroad Ties

How did the transcontinentalrailways bind the country?

(4) Railroad Consolidation and Mechanization

Who wasVanderbilt and what were his famous actions?

(5) Revolution by Railways

What werethe effects brought by the railways?

(6) Wrongdoing in Railroad

What werethe wrongdoings in railroad?

(7) Government Bridles the Iron Horse

What wasrequired in the Interstate Commerce Act in 1887 and what was its significance?

(8) Miracles of Mechanization

Why USdeveloped quickly in the second industrial revolution and what were the main achievements?

(9) The Trust Titan Emerges

What werethe different types of Trust?

(10) The Supremacy of Steel

What are theBessemer process and its significance?

(11)Carnegie and Other Sultans of Steel

Who were theSultans of Steel and what were their stories?

(12) Rockefeller Grows an American Beauty Rose

HowRockefeller built his commercial empire?

(13) The Gospel of Wealth

What werethe differences between Social Darwinism & Darwinism and how did the RobberBarons avoided restriction?

(14) Government Tackles the Trust Evil

To what extentwas the Sherman Antitrust Act effective I dealing with monopoly and why?

(15)The South in the Age of Industry

What werethe characters of the New South?

(16)The Impact of the NewIndustrial Revolution on America

What were theimpacts of the second Industrial Revolution on America?

(17)In Unions There is Strong

Why and howdid the Unions emerged?

(18)Labor limps along

What werethe National Labor Union and the Colored National Labor Union?

(19)Un horsing the Knights ofLabor

How did theKnights of Labor fall?

(20)The AF of L to the Fore

What werethe strength and weakness of the AFL?


27 Empire and Expansion

(1)   America Turns Outward

To what extent did diplomatic disputes stimulated USexpansion?

(2)   Spurning the Hawaiian Pear

How was the coup of 1893 happened and beingsuccessful?

(3)   Cubans Rise in Revolt

How was the US involved into Cuba?

(4)   Dewey’s May Day Victory atManila

What’s the result of Dewey’s victory and why heachieved this?

(5)   The Confused Invasion ofCuba

What was the behavior of Rough Riders and Roosevelt’sopinion towards them?

(6)   America’s Course (Curse?)of Empire

What’s the dilemma of not let Philippine independent?

(7)   Perplexities in PuertoRico and Cuba

What were the terms and significance of the PlattAmendment?

(8)   New Horizons in TwoHemispheres

What were the changes to the US after the War?

(9)   “Little Brown Brothers” inthe Philippines




30 The War to End War

  1. 1.      War by Act of Germany

How did theUS enter into WWI?

  1. 2.      Wilson idealism Enthroned?

What wasWilson’s idealism?


31 American Life in the “Roaring Twenties”

  1. 1.      Seeing Red

What was thesituation of “The Red Scare” in the US?

  1. 2.      Hooded Hoodlums of the KKK

What werethe characters of the New KKK?

  1. 3.      Stemming the Foreign Flood

Who were supporting cultural pluralism and what weretheir opinions?

  1. 4.      The Prohibition “Experiment”

Who were in favour of Prohibition and who were againstit? Why?

  1. 5.      The Golden Age ofGangsterism

How did the Gangs active in the US in the 1920s?

  1. 6.      Monkey Business inTennessee

What was theend of the participants in the Monkey Trial?

  1. 7.      The Mass-ConsumptionEconomy

To what extent did Bruce Barton’s ideas reflect thesituation in the 1920s?

  1. 8.      Putting America on RubberTires

What was thebackground for Ford’s cars?

  1. 9.      The Advent of the GasolineAge

In what waysdid Ford shape the US?

  1. 10.  Humans Develop Wings

How was the air flight in the US developed?

  1. 11.  The Radio Revolution

To what extentdid radio bring a revolution to the US?

  1. 12.  Hollywood’s FilmlandFantasies

How wasmovie developed in the US and what were its impacts?

  1. 13.  The Dynamic Decade

What werethe cultural aspects of the 1920s?

  1. 14.  Cultural Liberalism

How was thecultural liberalism shown in 1920 US?

  1. 15.  Wall Street’s Big BullMarket

What was theeconomic situation of the US in the 1920s?


32 The Politics of Boom and Bust

  1. 1.      The Republican “Old Guard”Reforms

What werethe characters of Harding?

  1. 2.      GOP Reaction at theThrotte

How was theUS reactionary during the Harding’s reign?

  1. 3.       The Aftermath of War

What were the aims of the veterans and how did theyact?

  1. 4.      America Seeks BenefitsWithout Burdens

What werethe weakness of the Washington Naval Treaty and the Kellog-Briand pact?

  1. 5.      Hiking the Tariff Higher

What were the Fordney-McCumber Tariff Law and itsaftermath?

  1. 6.      The Stench of Scandal

What was the Teapot Dome scandal?

  1. 7.      “Silent Cal” Coolidge

What were the characters of Coolidge?

  1. 8.      Frustrated Farmers

What were the problems facing the farmers?

  1. 9.      A Three-Way race for theWhite House in 1924

What was La Follette’s aims and why failed?

  1. 10.  Foreign-PolicyFlounderings

What werethe diplomatic problems of the US in the 1920s?

  1. 11.  Unraveling the Debt Knot

What was theproblem of Debt and how was it solved?

  1. 12.  The Triumph of HebertHoover, 1928

Why did Hoover become the president?

  1. 13.  President Hoover’s FirstMoves

How didHoover deal with the economics and what were their results?

  1. 14.  The Great Crash Ends theGolden Twenties

What was thesituation of the Great Depression in the US?

  1. 15.  Hooked on the Horn ofPlenty

What werethe causes of the Great Depression?

  1. 16.  Rugged Times for RuggedIndividuals

What wereHoover’s ideology and the criticism towards him?

  1. 17.  Hoover Battles the GreatDepression

What didHoover do to relieve the depression and what was their significance?

  1. 18.  Routing the Bonus Army inWashington

What werethe course and results of the Bonus Army?

  1. 19.  Japanese MilitaristsAttack China

What was theAmerican response for the Manchurian crisis?

  1. 20.  Hoover Pioneers the GoodNeighbor Policy

Why and howdid the US carry out the Good Neighbour Policy?


33 The Great Depression and the New Deal

  1. 1.      FDR: Politician in aWheelchair

What was thecharacter of FDR and his wife?

  1. 2.      Presidential Hopefuls of1932

What was the platform of Hoover and FDR in the 1932election?

  1. 3.      Hoover’s Humiliation in1932

What were the characters of the 1932 election?

  1. 4.      FDR and the Three R’s:Relief, Recovery, Reform

What was thebackground and origin o f the three Rs?

  1. 5.      Roosevelt Manages theMoney

How didRoosevelt establish the Gold Standard?

  1. 6.      Creating Jobs for theJobless

What was “primethe pump” and how did FDR do that?

  1. 7.      A Day for Every Demagogue

Who were thechallengers of FDR and what were their characters respectively?

  1. 8.      New Visibility for Women

Who were the outstanding women in 1930s and what didthey do?

  1. 9.      Helping Industry and Labor

How did FDR built the Grand Coulee Dam and make the USwet?

  1. 10.  Paying Farmers Not to Farm


36 The Cold War Begins

  1. 1.      Postwar Economic Anxieties

What was demanded in the Taft-Hartley Act and whatwere its effects?

  1. 2.      The Long Economic Boom,1950-1970

What was the change of the Middle Class in the 1950s?

  1. 3.      The Roots of PostwarProsperity

What were the causes of postwar prosperity and how didit affect agriculture?

  1. 4.      The Smiling Sunbelt

Why the Sunbelt rose?

  1. 5.      The Rush to the Suburbs

Why the suburbs rose and what was the criticism to it?

  1. 6.      The Postwar Baby Boom

What were the effects of the Baby Boom?

  1. 7.      Truman: The “Gutty” Manfrom Missouri

What were the characters of Truman?

  1. 8.      Yalta: Bargain or Betrayal

What was the limitation of the Yalta Conference?

  1. 9.      The US and the USSR

What were the similarities and difference between thetwo powers after WWII?

  1. 10.  Shaping the Postwar World

How did the US shape the postwar world and what wasthe Baruch Plan?

  1. 11.  The Problem of Germany’

What was the argument of the Nuremburg Trial?

  1. 12.  The Cold War Congeals

What were the key events showing the Cold War Congealsand their significance?

  1. 13.  America Begins to Rearm

How did the US carry out containment?

  1. 14.  Reconstruction andRevolution in Asia

How did MacArthur reconstruct Japan?

  1. 15.  Fettering Out Alleged Communists

How large was the scale of 1950 Red Scare?

  1. 16.  Democratic Divisions in1948

Who were the challengers of Truman and what were theircharacters?

  1. 17.  The Korean Volcano Erupts(1950)

How was the Korean War break out?

  1. 18.  The Military Seesaw inKorea

In what aspects did MacArthur disagree with Truman?


37 The Eisenhower Era

  1. 1.      Affluence and ItsAnxieties

What were the significance of transistor and thedevelopment of airlines?

  1. 2.      Consumer Culture in theFifties

How did TV developed and what were their effects?

  1. 3.      The Advent of Eisenhower

What were the hot issues of the 1952 elections andwhat were the characters of Eisenhower?

  1. 4.      The Rise and Fall ofJoseph McCarthy

What were the attitudes from the public and thePresident to McCarthy?

  1. 5.      Desegregating AmericanSociety

What was the situation for voting and other aspects ofthe Blacks in the 1950s in the South?

  1. 6.      Seeds of the Civil RightsRevolution

How was the achievement of the Civil Rights Movementsin the 1950s and why this happened?

  1. 7.      Eisenhower Republicanismat Home

What were the ideas of the Eisenhower Republicanism athome and how did he reverse the trend since New Deal?

  1. 8.      A “New Look” in ForeignPolicy

What was the myth and truth of the New Look?

  1. 9.      The Vietnam Nightmare

How and why was the US involved in Vietnam?

  1. 10.  Cold War Crisis in Europeand the Middle East

What was the significance of these crises to thedevelopment of the Cold War?

  1. 11.  Round Two for Ike

How did the US react to the “Rocket Fear”?

  1. 12.  The Continuing Cold War

What did US do as evidence of continuing the Cold War?

  1. 13.  Cuba’s Castro SpellsCommunism

How did the US escalate its actions to Cuba?

  1. 14.  Kennedy Challenges Nixonfor Presidency

What is the worrying to Kennedy and how did he wonelection?

  1. 15.  An Old General Fades Away

What were the achievements in Amendments and statehoodduring Eisenhower’s reign?

  1. 16.  The Life of Mind inPostwar America

What were the themes of drama and fiction in the1950s?


28 The Stormy Sixties

  1. 1.      Kennedy’s “New FrontierSprit”

How did people around Kennedy and his charactersaffect “The New Frontier”?

  1. 2.      The New Frontier at Home

To what extent did the economic situation give birthto “The New Frontier”?

  1. 3.      Rumblings in Europe

How did Kennedy strengthen the US-Europe relations?

  1. 4.      Foreign Flare-ups and “flexibleResponse”

Why and how did Kennedy carry out the “FlexibleResponse”?

  1. 5.      Stepping into the VietnamQuagmire

To what extent did “Modernization Theory” affect US actionsin Vietnam?

  1. 6.      Cuban Confrontation

Was Kennedy more like a mature statesman or dangerousrisk-taker during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

  1. 7.      The Struggle for CivilRights

What were the main events and their effects during theCivil Rights Movement?

  1. 8.      The Killing of Kennedy

What was the course and aftermath of Kennedy’s assassination?

  1. 9.      The LBJ Brand on thePresidency

What were the characters of LBJ and what did he do?

  1. 10.  Johnson Battles Goldwaterin 1964

How and why did Johnson defeat Goldwater in 1964?

  1. 11.  The Great Society Congress

What are the main actions did by the Congress and whatwere their significances?

  1. 12.  Battling for the BlackRights

What were the different voting acts and the reactionto Civil Right Movements?

  1. 13.  Black Power

What were the aims and actions of the Black Power?

  1. 14.  Combating Communism in TwoHemispheres

How did the US escalate it actions in Vietnam?

  1. 15.  Vietnam Vexation

What were the reactions to the Vietnam War in the US?

  1. 16.  Vietnam Topples Johnson

Why Johnson give up joining next election?

  1. 17.  The Presidential Sweepstakesof 1968

What were the platforms of the two parties in 1968election?

  1. 18.  The Obituary of LyndonJohnson

What were the causes for Johnson’s failure inpolitics?

  1. 19.  The Cultural Upheaval ofthe 1960s

What were the causes and significance of the FreeSpeech Movement, Stonewall Rebellion and Weathermen?


29 The Stalemated Seventies

  1. 1.      Sources of Stagnation

What were the inner and outer causes of thestagnation?

  1. 2.      Nixon “Vienamizes” the War

How did Nixon Vietnamize the War?

  1. 3.      Cambodianizing the VietnamWar

What were the causes and effects of bombing Cambodia?

  1. 4.      Nixon’s Détente withBeijing and Moscow

How and why did Détente begin?

  1. 5.      A New Team on the SupremeBench

What were the famous cases in the 1960s and theirsignificance?

  1. 6.      Nixon on the Home Front

What were Nixon’s main domestic policies and theirsignificance?

  1. 7.      The Nixon Landslide in1972

To what extent was Nixon’s success in election due tothe weakness of McGovern?

  1. 8.      The Secret Bombing of Cambodiaand the War Powers Act

What were the content and significance of the WarPowers Act?

  1. 9.      The Arab Oil Embargo and theEnergy Crisis

How did the Energy crisis begin and what were its impactto the US?

  1. 10.  Watergate and the Unmakingof a President

How and why did Nixon lost the presidency?

  1. 11.  The First UnelectedPresident

What were Ford’s characters and diplomatic actions?

  1. 12.  Defeat in Vietnam

To what extent did the Vietnam War hurt the US?

  1. 13.  Feminist Victories andDefeats

Which events showed the victories and defeats of theFeminists?

  1. 14.  The Seventies in Black andWhite

What were the famous cases of racial issues on 1970sand their significance?

  1. 15.  The Bicentennial Campaignand the Cater Victory

What were the reasons for Jimmy’s victory?

  1. 16.  Carter’s HumanitarianDiplomacy

How’s the result of Carter’s Diplomacy?

  1. 17.  Economic and Energy Woes

How did the economic problems in the 1970s developed?

  1. 18.  Foreign Affairs and theIranian Imbroglio

What was the problem in Iran in 1979?


40 The Resurgence of Conservatism

  1. 1.      The Election of RonaldReagan

What were the characters of Reagan?

  1. 2.      The Reagan Revolution

What was Reagan’s aim(s) in the Revolution?

  1. 3.      The Battle of Budget

How did the fiscal policy impact the society?

  1. 4.      Reagan Renews the Cold War

How did Reagan’s foreign policies impact the Cold War?

  1. 5.      Troubles Abroad

What were the troubles abroad and how did Reagan facethem?

  1. 6.      Round Two for Reagan

What were the differences of Round Two compared to theformer One?

  1. 7.      The Iran-Contra Imbroglio

What was the Iran-Contra Imbroglio?

  1. 8.      Reagan’s Economic Legacy

What were the positive significance and limitation ofReagan’s economic legacy?

  1. 9.      The Religious Right

What were the actions of the Religious Right?

  1. 10.  Conservatism in the Courts

What were the important cases and their significancein the period?

  1. 11.  Referendum on Reaganism in1988

What was the economic situation in 1988?

  1. 12.  Bush and the End of the ColdWar

How did the Cold War ended?

13. The Persian Gulf Crisis

What were the significances of the Persian Gulf War?

  1. 13.  Bush on the Home Front

What were Bush’s actions on the Home Front?


41 America Confronts the Post-Cold War Era

  1. 1.      Bill Clinton: The FirstBaby-Boomer President

How and why did Clinton become the President?

  1. 2.      A False Start for Reform

What were the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and theexplosive in Oklahoma City?

  1. 3.      The Politics of Distrust’

Why the Federal Government closed in 1995?

  1. 4.      Clinton Again

What were Clinton’s attitudes and actions in thesecond term?

  1. 5.      Problems Abroad

What were the international challenges during Clinton’sPresidency?

  1. 6.      Scandal and Impeachment

What were the public reactions to the LewinskyScandal?

  1. 7.      Clinton’s Legacy

What was Clinton’s Legacy?

  1. 8.      The Bush-Gore PresidentialBattle

What were the characters and platform of Bush?

  1. 9.      The Controversial Electionof 2000

What was the problem in the Election of 2000?

  1. 10.  Bush Begins

What were Bush’s ideas and actions at the beginning ofhis Presidency?

  1. 11.  Terrorism Comes to America

Why was the aftermath of 911 controversial?

  1. 12.  Bush Takes the OffensiveAgainst Iraq

How and Why did Bush making the Iraqi War?

  1. 13.  Owning Iraq

What were the problems the US left in Iraq?

  1. 14.  A Country in Conflict

What were the issues and signs of conflict in the USAin Bush’s era?

  1. 15.  Reelecting George W. Bush

How did Bush won his second term?


42 The American People Face a New Century

  1. 1.      Economic Revolution

What were the causes and effects of the EconomicRevolution?

  1. 2.      Affluence and Inequality

What were the economic problems in the USA?

  1. 3.      The Feminist Revolution

What were the progress and problems of the FeministRevolution?

  1. 4.      New Families and Old

What were the changes of typical American familiescompared with half a century ago?

  1. 5.      The Aging of America

What were the characters of aging problems in the USA?

  1. 6.      The New Immigration

What were the trends of the New Immigration?

  1. 7.      Beyond the Melting Pot

What were the situations of Latino and Asian Americansin the USA?

  1. 8.      Cities and Suburbs

What were the new demographical trends in the USA?

  1. 9.      Minority America

What was the situation of the African Americans in theUSA?

  1. 10.  E Pluribus Plures

What was the argument about multiculturalism?

  1. 11.  The Life of the Mind

What were the situation of university students andintellectuals in the USA?

  1. 12.  The American Prospect

What is the prospect of the USA?