Online competitions are of World Class

But we believe

Online activities are only virtual

Real life practice is the real test for your abilities.

The Business World is saturated with opportunities, competitions and challenges.

As you are still in school

How do you prepare in advance?

How to let yourself become more

competitive in the future?

How to become familiar with business battles?

How to make a breakthrough with your own product?



Dear associates


You need to take part in a real life

Business Battle.

February 21st 2018



Prepare for impact


 We takes you to the battlefield of

“Competition”, “Negotiation”,“Trade”

A real test of analyzing and solving issues using your comprehensive abilities.

It is not simply an “Improvement Competition”

But it brings you the following:


FBLA Official Competition Judges


First Official FBLA Business Competition will be supervised by the Organizing Committee

Gain experience in business operation and management

Improve your ability to analyze and solve problems in real life scenario

experience business practice.


 Top 500 Enterprises in-depth discussions and analysis


Approach the World Top 500 enterprises

VOLKSWAGEN Brand Research

Learn to support your point of view with business management and business ethics

Learn to do impromptu business analysis

Learn to write a perfect document.


American Competitions Professional Guidance


MBA Business Teachers from the United States

Get acquainted with the business operation processes

On scene vehement negotiations

Fight for your interests!


Official Certificates


Official Certificate from the US Headquarters

Help your application for your Dream College

Improve your personal leadership skills and executive abilities.


Competition Rules

 The Chinese National Business Competition is subdivided in 10 professional projects. The Competition covers various division areas of business conducted in multiple forms of competition. Participants can choose the appropriate competition project in accordance with their own special skills and interests.

During the competition, we will also provide the students with FBLA official basic training courses, business documents and presentation guidance. The training and guidance is to thhelp the Chinese students to have a solid foundation, to understand their own level of knowledge and be competitive when they reach the FBLA Finals in the US.



Competition Structure

The competition is divided into two kind of type


Mandatory Project(two choose one)

Optional Project (Eight choose one ,Max 3)


With the scores from the preliminaries and finals, the average score would be considered as final score.

Each selected project is required to participate individually in the preliminaries and finals.


Tips:Except for the “Sales Presentation” project, all other projects require teams of 2-3 students. You may choose your own team mates; who doesn’t have a team 2 weeks prior to the competition, the Organizing Committee will randomly organize teams.


Required items


Competition team order would be decided on the first day during the Opening Ceremony.

1. Business plan


Project Content: Have to write a business plan and offer a presentation during the competition. The Business plan requires: company intro, industry analysis, marketing target, competition analysis, marketing plan and strategy, operations, management and institutions, long-term development, financial status, appendixes etc.


2.Business Ethics


Project Content: research an ethics case in the world car industry; discuss its causes and propose solutions as well as how to prevent and eliminate such events in the future.


Optional projects


Marketing Category

Advertising Campaign

Fashion Merchandising promotion plan

Social Media Campaign

Sales Presentation


Enterprise management category

Emerging Business Issue

Business Financial Plan

Innovation Plan

Star-up-business Plan


Competition Schedule


Day 1


Arrivals, Hotel Check-in (Fudan University, Shanghai)


Opening Ceremony, Competition Guidance


The FBLA Organizing Committee will introduce the history and competition rules of FBLA/DECA American Business  Competition and provide some guidances for the Chinese students.


Day 2


Official Training Courses


Top 500 Enterprises in-depth discussions and analysis of Volkswagen (Business Management and Ethics)


Students’ discussions, research courses, business documents, one to one tutoring


Day 3


required preliminaries, project summary, detailed analysis and system guidance


Business operations and marketing courses


“Presentation” tutoring


Day 4


Optional project competition


Business Negotiation

Business Negotiation Professor presents

mock negotiations trials


Restore the scene of the negotiation in real life business presentation; play the role of the company in a fierce competition and strive for the maximization of your interests to improve your business thinking


Competition Prom Party


Day 5


Closing Ceremony


World Class Business Executives will announce the competition results

Awards ceremony & speeches

Next Competition Announcement