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Section A
1) Which of the following expressions has the correct units to represent the ground state energy of the electron in a Hydrogen atom? (h = h=2 below)
a) me4h220
b) me4h20
c) me4h20
d) h220me4

2) A Boeing 747 with mass 400 000 kg, engine thrust(force pushing the plane) of 1000 kN and cross section area of 158 m2 is circling at constant speed of 500 km/h with the radius of 4 km at constant elevation. The accel-eration of the plane and the drag force of the air is:
a) 4.8 m/s2, 1000 kN
b) 62.5 m/s2, 1000 kN
c) 4.8 m/s2, 4 000 kN
d) 62.5 m/s2, 4000 kN
e) 9.8 m/s2, 1000 kN

3) The International space station orbits 435 km above the Earth's surface about 15.5 times a day. Every day it covers a distance of about:
a) 42 000 km
b) 660 000 km
c) 21 000 km
d) 330 000 km
e) 620 000 km

4) Two identical cars equipped with rubber bumpers in front and back collide. In the rst collision, one of them moves with velocity 4 km/h and hits the other one, which moves in the same direction at 2 km/h. In the second col-lision they move with the same speeds but with directions opposite to each other. Assume the collisions are elastic and ignore the forces coming from the engine. Assuming that the collisions take the same time, the maximum force on the rubber bumper is:
a) The same in both collisions
b) 2 times bigger in the second one
c) 3 times bigger in the second one
d) 4 times bigger in the second one
e) 9 times bigger in the second one

5) A woman with mass M standing on weight measuring platform repeatedly throws a ball with mass m up in the air and catches it. The ball is up in the air for half of each throw and catch cycle. What is the time averaged weight measured over many periods? Ignore air drag.
a) (M + m)g
b) (M + m2 )g
c) (M + 2m)g
d) (M m)g
e) Not enough information to nd out.




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