That Day We Stacked The Odds Against Us 那一天,我们获胜的可能性很小

If you walked down Main Street on the Pudong campus of Shanghai American School recently, you’d have seen wide-eyed elementary school students, inquisitive middle school students, and laughing high school students.


And you might not have guessed that what you’d come across was a lesson in integrated math. But it’s true! It’s called the Probability Project, and it’s when integrated math students from the high school at SAS in Pudong are tasked with applying what they’ve learned by developing games with varying statistical odds.


Integrated math at SAS is an approach that brings Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Probability into a series of three multi-disciplinary math courses. The course approach was developed by SAS faculty in Pudong and Puxi.


That Day We Stacked The Odds Against Us 那一天,我们获胜的可能性很小

As for the Probability Project? It’s in its third year in Pudong after being developed by three faculty members, including Eric Grochowski (who goes by “Ski” unless you’re feeling formal, in which case “Mr. Ski” works). “We made a point to focus on real life projects to infuse into the math topics,” explained Ski. “I mentioned how games of chance are really interesting to both grown-ups and kids. We decided it would be authentic for the students to develop and analyze their own probability games.” Thus, the Probability Project was born.

而“概率项目”又是什么情况呢?这个项目已在浦东校区开展了三年,它是由包括Eric Grochowski(简称为Ski,如果你觉得应该正式些,也可以称他为Ski先生)在内的三名教师开发的。Ski解释说:“我们把重点放在了现实生活中的项目上,将数学主题融入其中。我说过,碰运气的游戏对大人和孩子来说都很有趣。我们认为,让学生们自己开发并分析概率游戏,可以把数学与现实生活联系起来”。这个“概率项目”便由此诞生了。

There have been some memorable games in those three years. “One game had a 400 to 1 chance of winning a three-foot tall plush bear and a grade 3 student won it within the first 10 minutes,” said Ski. “The little one was very happy with her bear, and the high school students were amazed because they fully understood the incredible odds of that outcome.”


That Day We Stacked The Odds Against Us 那一天,我们获胜的可能性很小

The Probability Project continues to get tweaked every year, as the game results are synthesized and analyzed. After all, those three-foot tall bears are expensive!




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