That Day An Elephant Trunk Taught Robotics 那一天,象鼻启发了机器人科学

At Shanghai American School, our students delve into the world of robotics while they’re still in elementary school. Their learning is supported by a well-equipped lab, knowledgeable faculty, and occasionally, elephants.


Perhaps we should explain.


That Day An Elephant Trunk Taught Robotics 那一天,象鼻启发了机器人科学

Recently, the three classes of grade 4 students on our Pudong campus found themselves in our DREAMS Lab familiarizing themselves with some of the platforms they work with. Platforms likeWeDos, Little Bits,MicroBits… you know, the usual. But as the students began development, their problem-solving wasn’t simply informed by the technology that surrounded them. It was informed by what they’ve been learning by studying plant and animal structures and biomimicry.

最近,浦东校区四年级的三个班的学生来到DREAMS实验室,开始熟悉他们所要使用的某些平台,例如WeDos、Little Bits、MicroBits……这些都是他们日常所要接触的东西。随着学生们开始自己的研究,他们解决问题的灵感来源不再局限于他们身边的技术。在针对动植物结构和仿生学的研究中,他们也收获了很多。

That Day An Elephant Trunk Taught Robotics 那一天,象鼻启发了机器人科学

Students quickly made the connection that how a robot reacts to situations has a lot in common with, say, how a shark senses danger, how a jellyfish creates bioluminescence, and how an elephant comes to understand its surroundings through its trunk.


The lesson was born from a collaboration between our tech coach and STEM coach, which helped make these interdisciplinary connections so engaging, students will remember it even if they don’t have the memory of, you know, an elephant.




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