College Information Session @SHSID

College Information Session @SHSID

As application season is in full swing, many seniors are working hard to prepare for their college application portfolios, while other high schoolers are still exploring their visions for their future lives. In the past months, SHISD welcomed more than 30 universities from a variety of different countries to hold college visits, providing students an invaluable chance to interact with the admissions officers and to know more about the school. Yale, Cornell, University of Chicago, Trinity College, Tufts, University of Toronto, Tsinghua, were among the many that gave important lectures to the student body and shared the latest admission information.

College Information Session @SHSID

Yale University, Cornell University, and University of Chicago offered valuable insight and information to students in attendance. Held after school in Xianmian Annex Auditorium with more than 100 students from both the international and local division, the admissions officer, John Yi, provided a lecture on the Yale admission process. Focusing on the distinguishing feature of the Ivy League, ampersand, he stressed the idea that students can pursue multiple interests on campus. Opening various doors for students to pursue their interests inside and outside of class, Yale offers new opportunities for undergraduates to discover their passions.

Similarly, Michelle Trimpe from the University of Chicago reminded the students the wide range of courses they can choose as well as the creative extracurricular activities the school offers. She also highlighted the unique Gothic, Harry Potter style architecture of the school and the high-tech library available for students to do research.

From Cornell, admissions officer Kyle Downey stressed on their motto “any person, any study” and the particularities and cooperations between all seven colleges. Cornell not only provides an array of research opportunities and professors who are willing to know students on both an academic and personal level, but also an emphasis on the diversity of the student body. Mr. Downey also emphasized on the importance of Respect for the Nature to all Cornelians: protecting the close relationship between people and the Earth, acting in ways to live and work sustainably as it is a key theme in the school. Apart from the breathtaking views of due to the isolation, the outdoor sport events, music festivals, and night life also play a key role in Cornell student life. Unique university traditions such as skiing on Cornell’s hills are also a major attraction for many students while also mentally preparing them for the frigid weather.

On Nov 11th, Nanyang Technological University's director of admissions, Alan Phua, visited SHSID for the first time to host an information session. Mr. Phua said that he was deeply impressed and intrigued by the SHSID students who had been admitted to NTU. He toured the newly built ZhenTao building, walking though the upgraded media center and assembly hall, subject rooms, multifunctional conference room, and other specialized areas, which allowed Mr. Phua to see the resources available to SHSID students.

College Information Session @SHSID

In addition, current twelfth graders are enthusiastic about applying to prestigious Chinese universities. The college counseling office had the honor of inviting teachers from both Tsinghua University and Fudan University to share the latest application details with the students.

College Information Session @SHSID

On Nov 24th, Pro Vice Chancellor David Cardwell from University of Cambridge visited SHSID and hosted an information session in Zhentao Building Auditorium. Professor Cardwell was a very approachable person and he presented students with a deeper understanding of the education system upon which Cambridge is built. He also provided us with a general guideline for what’s expected of an applicant from a Cambridge Interview, motivating the students to prepare thoroughly.

October and November college visits motivate many young students to work harder to reach their dreams while providing the seniors with key advices that are immensely helpful in the admissions process.

College Information Session @SHSID
College Information Session @SHSID
College Information Session @SHSID
College Information Session @SHSID


10月13日傍晚时分,超过100名国际部和本部的学生有序地进入了先棉堂附楼礼堂,安静地聆听了耶鲁招生官John Yi先生妙趣横生的讲座。作为常春藤的一员,耶鲁大学的学生一般具备兴趣广泛的特质,招生官列举了耶鲁如何为其学生在校内外提供的各种机会,帮助他们拓展兴趣和圆梦。

10月14日,来自芝加哥大学的招生官Michelle Trimpe女士突出了其兼顾广度和深度的核心课程,并罗列了一些“奇葩”而有趣的课外活动。不仅如此,她还展示了芝大独特的哥特式(亦可以说是’哈利波特式’)建筑风格,以及和此形成鲜明对比的高科技图书馆,令在座学生不禁神往。

同日,康奈尔的招生官Kyle Downey先生通过校训“让任何人都能在这里学到想学的科目”引申出了大学内七所学院的合作与竞争。他指出,康奈尔大学不仅提供了丰富多彩的独立研究机会和和蔼可亲的教授,还为维持学生群体的多元化付出了很多心血。Downey先生也就环境保护问题提出了康奈尔的观点:学校的关键主题之一便是保护人与地球之间的紧密联系,以可持续发展为目标行动。除了一打开窗就能看见的优美风景,康奈尔学生的生活还包含了丰富的体育运动,晚间活动,和音乐节等各项社交活动。如在山坡上滑雪等康奈尔独有的大学传统让在座学生大开眼界。

11月11日,新加坡南洋理工大学的招生官Alan Phua先生首次到访我校进行宣讲。Phua先生表示,往届录取该大学的上中国际部的学生风采给他留下了深刻的印象,勾起了他的好奇心,因此特意拜访我校。在走访参观了校园环境和教学设施后,招生官对学校的软硬件等赞不绝口。


11月24日中午, 剑桥大学的副校长David Cardwell教授在甄陶楼举行了信息说明会。Cardwell教授非常平易近人,他为学生解读了剑桥大学的教育系统,并对剑桥面试环节进行了说明和指导,鼓励学生做好充分的准备。


文:12(1B) 彭莉俐

Written by 10(3) Cathy Wang, 12(1B) Jenny Zheng

Edited by 12(5) Tianyu Zhang

Supervised by Echo Zhang