That Day An Eagle Transformed Into A Husky 那一天,雄鹰装成了哈士奇

Considering the talents and accomplishments of Shanghai American School students, it’s pretty hard to be the first at something. But Camille Boyd ’20 has managed the feat. Camille just became the first SAS student from the Pudong campus to earn a golf scholarship, and will take her talents to Seattle to play for the University of Washington next fall.

在上海美国学校,我们的学生个个聪颖过人,多才多艺。在这里争第一可是相当困难的事情。但是十二年级的Camille Boyd做到了。Camille是上海美国学校浦东校区第一个赢得高尔夫奖学金的同学,明年秋天她将带着傲人才华前往位于西雅图的华盛顿大学报到,一展自己的高尔夫球技术风采。

In the last year, Camille who captained the SAS Pudong women’s golf team, and held the title of Female individual stroke play winner at the recent Craig Davis Invitational has also finished second at the Wincraft/McArthur Towel & Sports Future Legends Classic, tied for 11th at the Polo Golf Junior Classic at Liberty National, tied for 12th at the C.T. Pan Junior Championship, and finished third at the Buick Shanshan Feng AJGA Golf Championship. So obviously, Camille has a strong swing. But it was her commitment to both academic and athletic excellence that made her such a great fit for the program at UW.

去年,担任上海美国学校浦东校区的女子高尔夫球队队长的Camille,获得了Craig Davis邀请赛的女子个人比杆赛冠军,在Wincraft/McArthur Towel & Sports Future Legends Classic大赛中名列第二,在位于自由国度高尔夫球场举办的Polo Golf Junior Classic比赛中获得并列第11名的成绩,在C.T. Pan青少年锦标赛中并列第12名,在别克—冯珊珊AJGA女子邀请赛中名列第三。看得出来,Camille的球杆挥舞得多么坚实有力。她不仅在体育方面出类拔萃,在学业上也毫不逊色,正是因为具备这样全面发展的身心素质,她才与华盛顿大学完美契合。

That Day An Eagle Transformed Into A Husky 那一天,雄鹰装成了哈士奇

Preparing to say goodbye to our seniors is never easy at SAS, but wherever they go, we know they will always be eagles – even if they occasionally dress like huskies. Congratulations and best of luck, Camille!




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