G9-10 | Job Shadow Day -- Visiting Trip.com

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G9-10 | Job Shadow Day -- Visiting Trip.com

On November 22nd, students from 9th and 10th grade visited LingKong SOHO, where the headquarters of Trip.com are located. Trip.com, previously known as CTrip, is an online travel booking company founded in 1999. The company provides a platform for hotel booking, flight ticket booking, ticket reservation, and other assistance related to booking services. Throughout the job shadowing, students were able to learn and participate in the specific division of the company.

G9-10 | Job Shadow Day -- Visiting Trip.com
G9-10 | Job Shadow Day -- Visiting Trip.com

After a half-hour bus ride from school, students arrived at SOHO plaza. The visit started with a presentation given by three female managers, who will be the mentors in the following activity. They represent three different divisions: CSC international, the domestic customer support center, and the IT department. Every student was supposed to select one division from these three. They had the opportunity to visit that specific department to have a more detailed understanding. Students were then taken to a laboratory where an innovative device is shown. This is a device that tracks people’s eyes, meaning that this equipment can analyze where and how long the person was looking. According to the technicians in the lab, they were able to study consumers’ behavior and make the website based on the results to simplify the operations.

G9-10 | Job Shadow Day -- Visiting Trip.com

In the last hour of the visit, students were separated into groups based on the selections they made in the presentation. They were taken to each department to view how specialists in each division work every day. They were surprised by how the company has branches scattered all around the world. The manager told them several basic pieces of knowledge about this department. She took them to a training office where new employees were taking a lecture on basic information on hotel booking. Everything the lecturer said was new to them; nonetheless, they enjoyed their time listening to this kind of presentation.

G9-10 | Job Shadow Day -- Visiting Trip.com

After the tour, students were fascinated by how this company has become so globalized and influential in people’s everyday life. Overall, this was an extraordinary event for all the students who participated in this job shadowing. They learned a lot of information which normally was not taught in school. It was a highly beneficial event, allowing the students to understand how things they learned in school can be applied in their future professional fields.

九、十年级: Job Shadow Day活动——参观携程公司总部

11月22日,上海中学国际部的部分九到十年级学生前往凌空SOHO参观了携程公司总部。携程成立于1999年,服务内容包括酒店预订、机票预订、机票预订以及其他票务的预定。在这次的Job Shadow Day活动中,学生们学习并参与了公司的多个部门活动。




参观结束后,大家都被携程公司的全球化和影响力所折服。这次的活动对于每一个参加Job Shadow Day的人来说都是一次非常宝贵的经历和回忆,同学们从中学习到了不少平时在学校了解、接触不到的知识。最重要的是,大家理解了现在在学校学习的内容如何运用于未来的工作中。或许,这才是Job Shadow Day的意义所在。

文:10(4) 李柏叡

Written by 10(6) Jung Max

Pictured by Yu Zhen and Employees from Trip.com

Supervised by Xie Junyu