That Day A Locker Room Became A Business 那一天,更衣室升级成“点子公司”

At SAS, our high school students are constantly inspiring each other. Sometimes, that inspiration comes from the way they smell…


Each week, students have PE class in whichthey are responsible to take their uniform home ,wash it and bring it back to school with themin time for their next class.Sounds simple, but, well, sometimes, students forget to bring their uniforms back to school,if they take it home at all. As a result, students either participate in their own clothes,and getdocked points from their grade or they wear a uniform that has that not-so-fresh scent. For most students, this is an unpleasant reality. For SAS Pudong high school seniors James Li, Julian Helbling, Aaron Xie and Alan Xu, it became an insightful business opportunity.

每个礼拜,学生们上完体育课,都需要将运动服带回家洗干净,第二天再带回学校。这听起来似乎很简单,但是有时学生会忘了将运动服带回学校,甚至忘了带回家清洗。学生要么穿着其它衣服来上课,结果被老师扣分,要么穿着还带有汗臭味的运动服。对于大多数学生而言,这是一件令人不愉快的事情。但是在上海美国学校浦东校区十二年级学生James Li、Julian Helbling、Aaron Xie和Alan Xu眼里,这成为了一个绝佳的商机。

That Day A Locker Room Became A Business 那一天,更衣室升级成“点子公司”

Out of this insight,RentAUni wasborn.The four listened todoubtful comments fromtheir peers and incorporated their concerns into their strategy. Hygiene and uniform cleanliness was the biggest source of hesitation for most students and the idea of renting a uniform made people nervous. The team’s creative director, Alan, made sure the packaging is very hygienic, completely encasing the freshly cleaned uniforms, and that the business logo represented cleanliness as well. Furthermore, the team set up a streamlined system for renting the uniforms, cleaning them and returning them back to thenurse’s office where the business operates from.


That Day A Locker Room Became A Business 那一天,更衣室升级成“点子公司”

In terms of measuring success, the students felt they achieved it fairly early as they were providing a service which helped solve a common problem– not to mention, they achieved financial success. The team has also taken on succession planning.Theyrecruited one of their loyal early adopter customers,Haley Soo ’22,to continue growing the business once the founders graduate this spring.

在衡量成功方面,几位学生觉得自己很早就成功了,因为他们为同学们提供服务,解决了同学的日常困扰——更不用说他们还获得了财务上的成功。团队还制定了接班人计划:他们招募了一名忠实客户Haley Soo(十年级学生),他是最早尝试租借运动服的学生,在创始人们于今年春季毕业后,他将继续发展这项事业。

Co-founder Jamesattributes some of the enterprises success to the initial support received from faculty and administration. NurseAnna Tian, PE Teacher Charlotte Amelot, and Principal Ben Lee all encouraged and supported the idea. “The school is at our disposal to help support ourideas,” he said. “Whateverwe think of... they say go do it!”

联合创始人James认为,他们的成功有一部分得归功于教职工,是这些人在想法萌发之初给予了学生支持。护士Anna Tian、体育老师Charlotte Amelot和校长Ben Lee都鼓励并支持他们的点子。他说:“学校支持我们的想法,由我们做主。无论我们想做什么……他们都会说,放手去做吧!



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