That Day We Sought New Adventures 那一天,我们探险嘉年华

When you’re in a curiosity-seeking environment likeShanghai American School,you can find yourself in some interesting situations. Like the bottom of a dunk tank.


This past weekend atCarnival, ourPudong campus’annual PTSAevent,that is exactly wherehigh schoolVice Principal Kristen Dickhaut found herself, grasping for her sunglasses!

上周末,浦东校区举行了一年一度的PTSA(家长老师学生委员会)嘉年华,高中部副校长Kristen Dickhaut握着她的太阳镜,出现在了现场!

150 volunteers and over 100 vendors came together to create this spectacular experience, with activities spread out across the baseball and rugby fields. Needless to say,the community was spoilt for choice of fun, food, and excitement–all wrapped up in Pudong Love!


DuringCarnival,the Japanese drum performers broughtthe rhythmof the campusto life as they bounced in sync to the pounding of the drums.


That Day We Sought New Adventures 那一天,我们探险嘉年华

And while we all know eaglescan fly, youmight not knowthat when givenunlimited access to the climb-n-bounce slide, they’ll do it repeatedly. Students of varying ages and heights took turns climbing up the massive apparatus, and sometimes flew down instead of sliding.


That Day We Sought New Adventures 那一天,我们探险嘉年华

If by chance you were searching for peace and quiet on this lovely Saturday, you wouldn’t find it easily, as right next door in our eight-lane aquatic center,SAS wasalsohosting the annual Swimvitational swim competition.


Swim-vitational occurs over threedays, and welcomes over 20 teams, for a total of around 800 competitors, from ages 6 to 18 years old. OurPuxiand Pudongswim teams took top honors by finishing first and second place.


That Day We Sought New Adventures 那一天,我们探险嘉年华

And just as our swimmers become stronger after more practice, so does our appetite for curiosity. The more we lead with our curiosity the more we find ourselves in new adventures, grasping for the familiar.Luckily for us, SAS offers plenty of both; unique situations at every turn with the sense of community always within our reach.




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