That Day A Tumor Met Its Match In Pirouettes 那一天,舞蹈帮助我们

Who knew fouetté turns could help a 10-year old boy kick brain tumor’s butt?


That Day A Tumor Met Its Match In Pirouettes 那一天,舞蹈帮助我们

Recently, SAS Puxi’s high school Dance Society put on a charity dance showcase featuring performers from both middle and high schools. The 35 dancers took to the PAC stage to perform 19 pieces, ranging from ballet and jazz to break-dancing and hip-hop. Together, they managed to raise over RMB23,000, which will go towards helping fund brain tumor surgery for aboy at Huashan Hospital.


That Day A Tumor Met Its Match In Pirouettes 那一天,舞蹈帮助我们

The idea for the showcase, called Perform 2Transform, came about when Christine (Class of’21) was invited by a friend from another school to participate in a dance event that partnered with Dancers Against Cancer, a US-based organization providing support to cancer patients and their families. “I thought, this was such a great way to combine my passion for dancing with my desire to help the community,” she said

这个名为“表演改变世界(Perform 2 Transform)”的表演创意来自Christine(十一年级学生),当时她受另一所学校的朋友邀请参加了一个舞蹈活动,该活动与美国一家为癌症患者及其家庭提供支持的组织“抗癌舞者”(Dancers Against Cancer)合作。她说:“我想,这是把我对舞蹈的热情和帮助社区的愿望结合起来的好方法。

That Day A Tumor Met Its Match In Pirouettes 那一天,舞蹈帮助我们

“In the beginning, we thought about partnering with an international charity as well, but ultimately decided it made the most sense for us and SAS to work with a local hospital, to support local communities in China,” Christine explained. “We spoke to many hospitals. Huashan Hospital, in particular, was very open and interested in collaborating with us. They matched us with a 10-year old boy from Guizhou that they were treating. He was in the hospital because of a brain tumor.”


That Day A Tumor Met Its Match In Pirouettes 那一天,舞蹈帮助我们

So they had someone they wanted to support and help, and a hospital that was excited to work with them, but that was just the beginning. Together with good friend Camille (Class of’20), both students started diving into the actual nitty-gritty of pulling an event together.


That Day A Tumor Met Its Match In Pirouettes 那一天,舞蹈帮助我们

“It was a little overwhelming to be honest,” Christine admitted. “There was a lot to think about, like designing posters and reaching out to sponsors.” But as word got out, more and more people started joining in their efforts. “People have been so supportive. Mr. DougHundley was a big help throughout the process; the parents as well. None of this would have been possible without the teamwork that was displayed.”

Christine承认:“说实话,这有点让人不知所措。我们需要考虑很多事情,例如设计海报和联系赞助商。”但是,随着消息的传出,越来越多的人开始参与其中。“大家一直给予我们充分的支持。在整个过程中,Doug Hundley老师提供了很大帮助;学生家长们也帮了很多。如果没有这些团队合作,这一切都是不可能发生。

That Day A Tumor Met Its Match In Pirouettes 那一天,舞蹈帮助我们

Christine and the Dance Society are keen to make Perform 2Transform an annual, and a school-wide thing. “The Dance Society is a high school club, but the showcase featured middle school students as well because we wanted to provide a platform for them to perform. In the future, we want to include the elementary kids too.”




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