G1-3 | Psychological Lecture

In order to help the parents know more about children’s psychology, primary section held a psychological lecture for parents from Grade 1 to Grade 3. The lecture focused on “How to Avoid Anxiety as a Parent”. Ms. Chen Mo, an expert on children’s psychology in a psychological Counseling Studio in ECNU, hosted the lecture.

Ms. Chen used lots of cases in her lecture. Her vivid explanation and humorous talking style was really attractive and convincing. Ms. Chen analyzed causes of anxiety as a parent, and then offered how to avoid anxiety. She emphasized that instead of urging the kids to grow up, parents need to wait patiently for the kids to grow and develop. By the same time, parents should do self-development as well. A supportive parent has a bigger chance to have a confident and capable child.

G1-3 | Psychological Lecture

G1-3 | Psychological Lecture

Parents eagerly participated In the Q&A session. They asked lots of questions on parenting. Ms. Chen gave many practical tips, which eased parents’ anxiety.

In a word, this is another successful parent classroom and we are looking forward to the next one.


Written by Grace Zhang
Pictures by Grace Zhang

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