Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of PRC with Environmental Art

Eco Cap

This year, people in China celebrated one of the most important moments, P.R. China’s 70th birthday. The students at SHSID celebrated this special date in their own unique ways.


Eco Cap, as one of the most characteristic clubs of SHSID, has been committed to raise environmental awareness and protection in our community. They have been creating a piece of artwork with bottle caps as materials during this special time of the year. Atthe beginning of the activity, Eco Cap had called on students to donate bottle caps they collected in their daily lives. Not only did they gather the material for the artistic creation, but they also educated everyone in the process of this garbage collection by helping them develop the habit of separating caps from the bottle. If these household wastes are not properly disposed of, they can be extremely harmful to marine life, as the caps are not only produced in small quantities but are also difficult to degrade. This puts an enormous pressure on the Earth's environment. Surprisingly, in just one week, the club has collected more than 800 caps, which will be recycled after the art exhibition.

Eco Cap,作为上海中学国际部的最具特色的社团之一,一直致力于世界环境保护事业,他们目前正如火如荼地开展着以瓶盖为材料的艺术品创作活动。动初期,社团在甄陶楼号召同学们捐赠日常生活中收集到的瓶盖,一方面作为未来艺术创作的材料,一方面还教育大家在垃圾回收过程中养成将瓶盖与瓶身分开的习惯。如果不能合理处理这些生活垃圾,它们将对海洋生物产生巨大的危害,因为瓶盖不仅体积小数量多,还难以降解,对地球环境产生巨大的压力。令人惊喜的是,仅仅一个星期,社团就已经收集到了超过800个瓶盖,这些瓶盖在艺术品展览结束后将被回收处理。

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of PRC with Environmental Art

On the 70th anniversary of the birth of P.R.China, students took the outline of our school's Longmen Building as the background of the art wall and used the red bottle caps to spell out the number "70". They sketched out a beautiful picture of SHSID to celebrate the national holiday. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, China has been on the road to sustainable development, technological innovation and social progress. The country has never ignored environmental protection issues. Just as how Shanghai is standing on the frontier of the nation’s garbage classification, the people of the whole city silently contribute their own strength to create a better environment for the world.


Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of PRC with Environmental Art

Together, we guard the cleanliness and environmental culture of the city. As members of SHSID, we are also doing our best to contribute to the community for the country and even to the beautiful future of the Earth.


Written by10(6) Lilian Fan

Pictures by Liu Min

Supervised by Xie Junyu

文:谢君瑜 图:刘敏

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