LaserFleet Signed A Cooperation Contract with CAMIC

Recently, LaserFleet, a commercial satellite startup, signed a cooperation contract with Civil Aviation Management Institute of China (CAMIC). Both parties will cooperate in airworthiness certification, safety management, operation and maintenance, air traffic management and etc. CAMIC will assist LaserFleet with high-level business training and technical consulting services.

LaserFleet, a nascent commercial aerospace startup that has received tens of millions of yuan in its angel financing with founding teams from aerospace, precision instruments and the Internet industry, is in the product developmeng process. According to the proposal, LaserFleet will launch hundreds of near-Earth orbit satellites to form a constellation and commercialize high-rate data transmission services for space vehicles.

Founded in 1982, CAMIC is the only adult higher education institution affiliated to CAAC. CAMIC not only provides academic education, but also scientific research advisory to civil aviation enterprises. Students trained by civil aviation authorities include civil aviation regulatory authorities, airlines, Airport, ATC and aviation materials, airlines and so on. More than 90% of China’s civil aviation enterprises have received scientific research advisory services from CAMIC, ranging from research on the air transport market to navigation technology. CAMIC has 15 departments, 23 research institutes and 7 laboratories.

LaserFleet is an emerging satellite company and CAMIC is an experienced educational and research institute. Both will cooperate depending on their business characteristics and technical capabilities. In the process of cooperation, in addition to business training and technical advice, both sides will also actively explore the application of cutting-edge technologies in the joint development of satellite and aviation.