HSK 1 (level 1) Character course starting on ALCI studio

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399¥ for the whole level 1 character

Price will go back to 500¥ after Chinese New Year

What you will learn from this HSK 1 character course-level 1 :
1. how to memorize each character easily. learn every character with a picture knowing the evolution of the characters.
2. the pronunciation, radical and stroke order.
3. the comparison of the characters with the same sound or radical.
4. how to write them stroke by stroke.
5. the most practical vocabulary consisting of the character.
6. how to pronounce the character and the related words.


1. live video class on ACLI studio. learn Chinese character anytime, anywhere.

2. one payment, multiple learning. no frequency of use, no time limit.

* the course is valid once registered even you miss the start date. you can always scan our course QR code to start the lesson any time.

3. 31 lessons in total. Mon to Fri for 5 weeks. the lesson updates once every day by midnight.

4. start date: Jan22

* the course is non-refundable.

How to register the course:

1. scan the following course QR codeto enter the course.

2. pay the course

*The security of payment is guaranteed by the Chinese people’s Property Insurance Co., Ltd.

How to pay:

First,when you enter the course,click the bottom 购买系列课(purchase)or the top 报名听课(register to learn)

Second, click the bottom 立即支付(pay now)in the page after.

Third, choose how to pay, either by wechat wallet(零钱) if there is enough money in it or pay by the card.

if it is your first time to pay by wechat, you need to connect a bank card for wechat payment , click 添加新卡支付 at the bottom and input your card number, the Tencent company will send you a verification code to your mobile phone. The number should be the one that you give to the bank when you open the account.

another option: if you can not manage to add the card, you can ask your friend to transfer the amount to you which will go to the wechat wallet(零钱) directly and you can pay by it then.

Last, input the wechat payment password.

this password is not your bankcard password. if it is the first time you pay by wechat , you need to input a payment password twice to to create it and keep it in mind.

3. start the course once the payment is done.

any question for registration, please consult ACLI staff on wechat

or email to info@aclichina.com.

To follow us, please long press the QR code and choose the last one:识别图中二维码

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