2018 DECA ICDC商赛-市场(Marketing)

2018 DECA ICDC的比赛分为商业管理(Business Management and Administration)、企业创业(Entrepreneurship)、市场(Marketing)、金融(Finance)、酒店与旅游(Hospitality and Tourism)、个人金融素养(Personal Financial Literacy)六个领域
2018 DECA ICDC商赛-市场(Marketing)

  • Advertising Campaign
  • Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series
  • Automotive Services Marketing Series
  • Business Services Marketing Series
  • Buying and Merchandising Operations Research
  • Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making
  • Community Service Project
  • Creative Marketing Project
  • Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan
  • Food Marketing Series
  • Learn and Earn Project
  • Marketing Communications Series
  • Marketing Management Team Decision Making
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Professional Selling
  • Public Relations Project
  • Retail Merchandising Series
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations Research
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making
  • Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan
  • Virtual Business Challenge Fashion
  • Virtual Business Challenge Retail
  • Virtual Business Challenge Sports