Pao students shine at biomedical engineering summer camp

This summer, Shanghai Jiao Tong University's School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology organized a dynamic five-day summer camp for more than 40 high school students from all over Shanghai. Among the participants were students from YK Pao High School.
Pao students shine at biomedical engineering summer camp
Aspiring scientists gathered at the School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, SJTU
Year 11 student Wilson, one of the Pao School participants,believes that for students interested in biology or medicine, the camp offers an ideal combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The morning courses focus on theory and experiments are conducted in the afternoon.At the same time, the camp allows Pao students to have in-depth exchanges with doctoralstudents, researchers,and professors fromthe School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, SJTU.

The teachers hereare very enthusiastic and willing to let us bring our research projects to the labs of Jiao Tong University, whichis extremely helpful for our Extended Essay(EE) as well as individual research projectsin Internal Assessment(IA) in IBPhysics, Chemistry, and Biology.


Pao students shine at biomedical engineering summer camp
Pao students shine at biomedical engineering summer camp
Students had fun at the lab
Shanghai Jiao Tong University's summer camp enables Pao School students interested in biomedical engineering to refine their research interests, develop related hands-on skills and boost their innovation ability.The five-day camp allows them to approach biomedical engineering from many different aspects. One of the highlights of the camp is the opportunity for students to explore the practical applications of cutting-edge technologies, such as the use of 3D printers to construct human tissue.
Pao students shine at biomedical engineering summer camp

On the final day of the camp, students did a presentation showcasing what they had learned about biomedical engineering over the past five days both in terms of theory and practical experience. It was impressive to see how much knowledge they had absorbed in such a short time.

Pao students shine at biomedical engineering summer camp
Pao students shine at biomedical engineering summer camp
Jason, who takes IB Biology and Chemistry HL and wants to studychemistry in the future, said that he found the scientific experiments conducted - and especially the materials used - the most valuable aspect of the experience.

The series of experimental activities significantly deepened my understanding of chemistry. Overall, the outstanding instruction we received at this camp offered important theoretical guidance and practical experience in other scientific fields too.


Pao School students at the camp

Susie Hu, Project Manager of Pao School's Development Department, led Pao School's participation in the camp. She is grateful to Dr. Stephen Knox, Head of High SchoolScience, for recommending these science-loving students to participate in the summer camp.

She thinks that these Year 11 Pao students are very clear on the careers they wish to pursue in the future and are pursuing their related paths of study thoughtfully.Wilson wants to be a pilot, so he is most interested in embedded technology and the ECG test workshop. Jason plans to study organic chemistry and so is interested in material-related topics such as hydrogels andfluorescentnanospheres. Sherry is interested in medicine, and she impressed her lab instructor when she nailed the dissection of a lab rat. Olina is interested in Python programming, so a professor knowledgeable about the subject was made available to answer relevant questions for her.

I hope that in the future, wherever these students choose to study, their rich learning experience at this summer camp will remain in their hearts and help guide them in their exploration of science and medicine.

——Susie Hu