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1)A travel agency maintains a list of information about airline flights. Flight information includes a departure time and an arrival time. You may assume that the two times occur on the same day. These times are represented by objects of the Time class.2008国际课程AP Computer Science A计算机科学A真题与答案下载
The declaration for the Time class is shown below. It includes a method minutesUntil that returns the difference (in minutes) between the current Time object and another Time object.
For example, assume that t1 and t2 are Time objects where t1 represents 1:00 P.M. and t2 represents 2:15 P.M. The call t1.minutesUntil(t2) will return 75 and the call t2.minutesUntil(t1) will return -75.
The declaration for the Flight class is shown below. It has methods to access the departure time and the arrival time of a flight. You may assume that the departure time of a flight is earlier than its arrival time.
A trip consists of a sequence of flights and is represented by the Trip class. The Trip class contains an ArrayList of Flight objects that are stored in chronological order. You may assume that for each flight after the first flight in the list, the departure time of the flight is later than the arrival time of the preceding flight in the list. A partial declaration of the Trip class is shown below. You will write two methods for the Trip class.2008国际课程AP Computer Science A计算机科学A真题与答案下载

  1. Complete method getDuration below.2008国际课程AP Computer Science A计算机科学A真题与答案下载
  2. Write the Trip method getShortestLayover. A layover is the number of minutes from the arrival of one flight in a trip to the departure of the flight immediately after it. If there are two or more flights in the trip, the method should return the shortest layover of the trip; otherwise, it should return -1. For example, assume that the instance variable flights of a Trip object vacation contains the following flight information.2008国际课程AP Computer Science A计算机科学A真题与答案下载